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Environmental and climate protection and thus the reduction of greenhouse gases is part of Streck Transport's corporate policy. Since 1999, Streck Transport has had a certified environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. We have set ourselves the goal of operating all locations in a CO2-neutral manner by 2030.

The transport sector is responsible for about 10% of global CO2 emissions and thus also plays an important role in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. In many cases, climate protection and economic success complement one another here, since the CO emissions correlate directly with fuel consumption and thus one of the essential cost factors in the transport sector. Thus, a reduction in CO2 emissions also has a positive effect on the transport costs for our customers.


Internal combustion engines are still the basis of transport, both in land transport and in air and sea freight. Renewable energy has hitherto been used extensively in electrical drives only in the field of rail transport. However, the development towards alternative drive concepts is progressing rapidly. Our goal is to convert our own fleet of vehicles to regenerative drive concepts as quickly as possible. In this regard, we are dependent on the development progress in the vehicle industry. We have been using a smaller hybrid truck successfully since 2017, and this year we will put our first hydrogen truck based on a fuel cell drive into regular operation in Switzerland as part of H2-Mobility. Further upgrades of the fleet are already planned.

For our locations, we are already planning the infrastructure that will be necessary in the future to supply trucks based on hydrogen or battery-electric drives.


The CO2-neutral in-house generation of electricity using photovoltaics plays an important role in the overall energy concept. The first plants were commissioned in 2022.

At the same time, extensive efforts are being made to reduce energy demand sustainably. Exceeding the current standards for new buildings is just as much a matter of course for us as the energy refurbishment of old buildings. The use of groundwater geothermal energy sustainably reduces the energy requirement for heating and cooling. In fact our own data center is cooled by means of geothermal energy and the waste heat is used for heating. New buildings are basically equipped with LED lighting and the existing buildings are gradually being converted.

n the area of industrial trucks (forklifts and pallet trucks), Streck Transport is also consistently focusing on innovation. The fleet is gradually being converted to lithium-ion battery technology which, compared to conventional lead-acid battery technology, increases energy efficiency by up to 20%, recovers consistent braking energy and at the same time eliminates the need for interchangeable batteries.

And of course, a wide range of variants for electronic order processing are available, from order transmission to invoice dispatch, so that paper can be dispensed with as far as possible.


Cargobike environmentally friendly on the road in Lörrach city center

Streck Transport is now on the road in Lörrach with an environmentally friendly cargo bike. It is intended to fulfill customer requests for low-CO2 transport and at the same time serve the company for its own errands. The bike is a powerful cargo vehicle from the manufacturer Cargofactory. The trailer, made by French manufacturer Fleximodal, can carry a complete Euro pallet weighing up to 180 kilograms.

Eine Mitarbeiterin von Streck Transport fährt auf dem Lastenrad in der Lörracher Innenstadt


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